Grace Library as seen from the Frances Ward Hall

Grace Library...

  • was named in honor of Sister M. Regis Grace, the first dean of Carlow; 
  • offers over 42,500 print books, 140,000 eBooks and 50 databases; 
  • subscribes to over 16,800 print and electronic journals;
  • owns over 1,350 videotapes, DVDs, and streaming videos;
  • possesses special collections that include Peace Studies, African American Studies, and Career Resources;
  • has librarians who taught over 349 Carlow students and answered over 1,669 informational questions in the 2015-2016 academic year.
Grace Library makes an effort to uphold the values stated in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement and the Freedom to View Statement.

Grace Library's Mission

Grace Library will provide information services, resources, instruction, and a learning environment to support student learning, research and scholarship, information literacy, and the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills. The library will support the curriculum and programs of study by responding to faculty and student needs and requests for information and resources. 

One of the five core values at Carlow University is discovery. Student engagement with the educational enterprise and global awareness is facilitated through access to information. The library will be a place - physically and virtual - that stokes the intellectual curiosity of our students and instills within them a desire to learn. 

Grace Library will offer assistance, instruction, and space for the effective use of print and digital resources and the development of information literacy skills vital to professional success and meaningful citizenship.