William Schweers, Jr. is a lawyer and assistant professor in the Department of Political Science. He is the inaugural director of the Atkins Endowed Center for Ethics, a University-wide center promoting moral reflection and deliberation in personal, professional, community, and civic life. Mr. Schweers is also co-chair of the University Faculty Assembly.  He received his JD from Duquesne University, and a BA in English from Washington and Jefferson College. His substantial legal experience has been extensively called upon since his arrival at Carlow in 2008. He has taught in all three of Carlow’s Colleges, the Fraud and Forensics Master’s program, and in the Carlow Compass general education curriculum. His focus has been on legal and ethical issues across the curriculum. His teaching reflects a deep commitment to the enhancement of ethical standards in the professions and a dedication to providing support to students in the exploration of their own ethical stance, the ethical principles that are the foundation of their actions, and the ethical decisions that are required to be made within their community of practice.   

Research Interests

Mr. Schweers is interested in the research of methods by which educators can develop students into ethical leaders within their professional, social, and personal communities. Specifically what exercises, strategies, service learning projects, artistic media, readings, experiences, or discussions help develop ethical leadership skills and are the practices easily applicable across the curriculum? Of particular interest is the use of case studies and scenarios in teaching of applied ethics.