Curriculum Vitae


Doctorate of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology (APA Accredited)

West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia  November 2006 

Pre-doctoral Internship (APA Accredited)

Pennsylvania State University

Counseling and Assessment Psychological Services

State College, PA

August 2005-August 2006

Master’s of Social Work

University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska

May 1999

Bachelor of Arts

University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana

Major:  Creative Writing Minor: English Literature

May 1994


Departmental Service

Chair, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program (2016 to present)

Interim Chair, Department of Psychology & Counseling (2015-2016)

Director, Master’s of Science in Professional Counseling (2011-2015)

Clinical Coordinator (2008-2011)


Clinical Experience

Center for Pediatric Neuropsychology                                       January 2015-present

Pittsburgh, PA


Summit Psychological                                                           March 2013-present

Pittsburgh, PA


Community Alternatives                                                      March 2013-June 2015

Pittsburgh, PA

Clinical Consultant

Greentree Services                                                                April 2011-November 2012

Pittsburgh, PA


Family Psychological Associates                                           February 2007-July 2011

Kittanning, PA


Pennsylvania State University                                             August 2005-August 2006

State College, PA

Pre-doctoral Intern

Carnegie Mellon University                                                  August 2004-May 2005

Pittsburgh, PA

Doctoral Practicum Student



Licensed Psychologist-Pennsylvania

Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Pennsylvania (Inactive)


Dr. Joseph Roberts is an Associate Professor within the Department of Psychology and Counseling, and the Chair of the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology (PsyD). He is also a licensed psychologist in private practice specializing in various forms of assessment.

He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Evansville in Creative Writing and his Master's from the University of Nebraska-Omaha in Social Work. In 2006, he earned his Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from the APA-accredited Counseling Psychology program at West Virginia University. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Roberts has worked in numerous clinical settings such as the university counseling centers of Carnegie Mellon and Penn State, public high schools, geriatric facilities, as well as both urban and rural community mental health centers. Recently, he completed a post-doctoral certificate in foundational forensic psychology from St. John's University in Queens, NY.

Outside of work, Dr. Roberts enjoys writing short stories, attending 80s-era heavy metal concerts, and engaging in never-ending home projects (while hopefully teaching his children how to use tools that are not phone apps).



Roberts, J.M., Roberts, J.L, Harrison, A.L., Vudy, V.A., & Krumenaker, J.B. (2016). Clinical supervision dilemmas related to child abuse in wraparound treatment.  Journal of Child & Family Studies, 25 (7), pp. 2258-2267. doi. 10.1007/s10826-016-0394-9.

Manuscripts in Preparation or Under Review

Roberts, J., Greisler, M., Martz, B., Stewart, D., Marasti-Georg, S. (Forthcoming). Personality factors involved in apocalyptic thinking.

Roberts, J. Christina, M, Black, J., & Heckman, K. (Forthcoming). A factor analysis of the Alternative Belief Scale: Considerations for the future study of paranormal beliefs.

Roberts, J., Leone, J., & Nassida, M. (Forthcoming). How superheroes can aid in child assessment: Comparing the BASC-II to archetypal identifications in younger therapy clients.

Roberts, J., Nassida, M., Omasta, N., Chandler, M., Berney, A, & Joseph, N. (Forthcoming). The use of online testing applications in elderly cognitive assessment.

Dissertation Chair

Farnsworth, D. (Defended: August 2016). Internalized homonegativity and the hypervigilance, depression, and coping deficit personality indices: the moderating effect of resiliency. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Pfeuffer, J. (Defended: July 2016). Assessing autism spectrum disorder severity through the MACI personality pattern scales. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Herrity, G. (Defended: July 2015).  Sexual attitudes, sexual attraction toward clients, and disclosure in supervision. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Crisson, C. (Defended: May 2014).  Attention’s role in personality: The presentation of inattention on the MMPI-2 RF in a clinical sample. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.  

Snyder, D. (Defended: December 2013). Adults diagnosed with autism. An exploration of quality of life. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Walls, K. (Defended: July 2013). Therapist perceived self-efficacy with religious and nonreligious clients. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Cribbs, S. (Defended: May 2013).  Boundary ambiguity in families of chronically ill children and its impact on family functioning. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Leone, J.  (Defended: December 2011). Children who were born prematurely: tendencies toward anxious temperament. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Boyer, K. (Defended: July 2011). Psychologists’ attitudes toward holistic techniques. (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Fowkes, A.  (Defended: May 2011).  Passion, intimacy, and commitment: the clinical implications of bias in the triangle of love.  (Doctoral Dissertation). Carlow University, Pittsburgh.

Selected Invited Presentations

Roberts, J. (February 2015).  Ethical dilemmas in the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders.  Training presented through the Greater Pittsburgh Counseling Association and Carlow University.

Roberts, J. (August 2014). More than just words and numbers: The top fundamental changes to the DSM-5 & Transition to ICD-10. Paid training presented to Pennsylvania Psychological Association.

Roberts, J. (August 2014).  Suicide: Theoretical, ethical, & diagnostic considerations. Paid training presented to Turtle Creek Valley, MH/MR, Inc.

Roberts, J. (March 2014).  Top 10 critical changes to child diagnosis in the DSM-5.  Paid training presented to Qualifacts Conference, Nashville, TN.

Roberts, J. (May 2012). Professional ethics & advances in technology. Paid Training presented to Turtle Creek Valley, MH/MR, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA.

Roberts, J.  (October 2011).  Ethics and in-home services: A stage one primer. Paid Training presented to Community Alternatives, Pittsburgh, PA.

Roberts, J. (July 2011).  Peripheral criminal activity: Implications for practice and supervision in mental health settings. Paid Training presented to Allegheny General Hospital Psychiatric Department, Pittsburgh, PA.

Roberts, J. & Leone, J. (April 2010).  How superheroes can aid in child assessment: Comparing the BASC-II to archetypal identifications with younger therapy clients. Presentation to Carlow Graduate Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA.

Roberts, J., & Lobb, G.  (2008, March).  Current trends and tools for addressing Asperger’s disorder in the school system.  Presented to the PSCA Regional Western Regional Conference at Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA. 

Research Interests

Teaching interests include personality assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and specialty areas such as forensic and criminal psychology. Research interests are broad and include the study of paranormal beliefs, peripheral criminal activity as it relates to therapeutic services, and the convergent validity of projective and objective psychological assessment.