Curriculum Vitae


B.A.  Theology/ Psychology, 1986, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA

M.A.  Clinical Psychology, 1987, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, 1989, American Hypnotherapy Training Academy, Silver Springs, MD

Nurturing Program Trainer/Consultant, 1990, Family Development Resources, Park City, Utah & Raleigh, NC

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner, 1991, American Hypnotherapy Training Academy, Silver Springs, MD

Ph.D.  Clinical Psychology, 2003, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA



August, 2011 – present: Full time faculty, Assistant Professor, Carlow University, School for Social Change, Psychology Department Undergraduate Courses to include: 

Abnormal Psychology, Adolescent and Adult Psychology, Advanced Counseling, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Child Psychology, Counseling of the Abused, Counseling of Marital Loss, Healthcare from a Global Perspective, (interdisciplinary), Introduction to Counseling, Introduction to Psychology, Lifespan Development, Personality Theories, Psychology of Women, Qualitative Research Methods teaching in the undergraduate day, evening, and accelerated program formats.  
Graduate Courses: Group Therapy, Relational Cultural Theory

September, 1987- 2011: Adjunct Faculty, Associate Professor, Carlow University, School for Social Change Department, Psychology Dept. undergraduate courses to include: (same as above) having taught in the day, evening, weekend, and accelerated program formats at the main campus, Pittsburgh, PA and extension campuses in Greensburg, PA, Cranberry, PA, and  Beaver, PA. 

August, 2008 - Dec, 2011:  Instructor, Strayer University, Penn Center West Campus, Pittsburgh, PA teaching both online and in classroom Introduction to Psychology course.

August, 1997- 1998: Adjunct Faculty, Asst. Prof. Chatham College, teaching in an interim position.

August, 2004-2006: Adjunct Faculty, Asst. Prof., Point Park University, Humanities and Human Sciences, courses to include: Child Psychology: Birth to Eight; Child Psychology: Five to Fourteen, Social Psychology, Foundational Psychology, Marriage and the Family.

September, 1994–1996: Pre-Doctoral Teaching Fellow - Duquesne University, Psychology Department courses to include: Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology I, Developmental Psychology II, and Social Psychology.

September, 1993-1998:  Part-time faculty, Mercy Hospital School of Nursing and Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing, teaching Introduction to Psychology along with other complementary healing practices.

September, 1987 - May, 1989:  Graduate assistant to Dr. Rolf Von Eckartsberg, assisting in group therapy training of Master's level psychology students at Duquesne University.

September, 1990-May, 1996: graduate assistant to Dr. Anthony Barton, assisting in group therapy training of Master’s level psychology students at Duquesne University. 

Workshop/Seminar Presentations at the Aletheia Center for Healing & Empowerment

Fall, 2000 - “Energy Healing for Health and Wellness: Mind Body, Spirit Part 1

Spring, 2001 - “Energy  Healing for Health and Wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit Part 2

Fall 2001 - “The Significance of  Our Female Relationships”

Spring, 2002 - “Re-claiming our Lost and/or Forgotten Selves” Part 1

Fall, 2002 - “Re-claiming our Lost and Forgotten Selves Part 2 “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Estes

Spring, 2003 - “Realms of Meaning, The Social Construction of Our Personal Reality”

Fall, 2003 - “What is your Mission and Purpose?” an in depth exploration into the meaning of creativity, manifesting your destiny, living abundantly and ultimate life questions.

Spring, 2004 - “On Becoming a Magical Mystical Bear” presenting the work of Matthew Fox on the power of prayer and meditation

Fall, 2004 - “Developing Your Symbolic Understanding” an  in depth exploration into the symbolic meaning of our experiences and relationships

Spring, 2005 - “Inner Knowing: Intuition or Fear”

Fall, 2005 - “What the Bleep Do We Know” Learning, exploring, wandering into the world of Quantum Physics.

Spring, 2006 -   “Recovery from Trauma, Healing and Forgiveness”

Fall, 2006 - “How Did I End Up in This Family?” an in depth exploration into the symbolic meaning of our familial relationships.

Spring, 2007- “Only the Shadow Knows” Understanding Jungian Archetypes: exploring the significance of the ‘not so beautiful’ in ourselves and in the world’

Fall, 2007- “Exploring Relationships” Recognizing the impact of oppression in our personal and professional lives. Florida, Staff development workshop for Heart Work Camp. 

Spring, 2008 - “Scared Contracts” (presenting the work of Carolyn Myss)  What are the meaning of our relational/spiritual contracts and how have our lives been impacted by them?

Fall, 2008 - “Finding Joe” Exploring the work of Joseph Campbell

Spring, 2009 - “Can We Talk?”  Understanding Interpersonal Communication Styles

Fall, 2009 – “The Shift” exploring the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer and the meaning of shifting paradigms in our everyday lives.

Spring, 2010 - “Be careful what you ask for” Change, Always Happening, Ever Feared.  How to negotiate the territory of life changes with openness and anticipation.

Fall, 2010 - Family Series: Part 1 “Family Secrets” Good and Bad

Spring, 2011 - Family Series: Part 2 “Does it feel good or hurt to be a member of your family?  Understanding family function and dysfunction”

Fall, 2011 - Exploring the work of Ken Wilber, Integral Operating System,

Spring 2012 - Exploring the work of Ken Wilber, Integral Operating System

Fall, 2012 - “Coming Home…Identity, Intuition, Power” Revisiting the work of Estes”  La Loba, Bluebeard, Vasalisa, Skeleton Woman, Red Shoes

Spring, 2013 - “Living Your Dreams” Reclamation, Renewal, Creation 


Dr. Patricia Jameson is Assistant Professor of Psychology in the School for Social Change at Carlow University. She became a full time faculty member Fall, 2011 after having taught as an adjunct faculty member for 25 years. Her courses follow her interests i.e. developmental psychology, counseling and qualitative research augmented with a keen interest in women’s studies, social justice and mercy values. During her time here at Carlow she has taught Child, Adult and Lifespan Development; Introduction, Advanced and Family Counseling, Qualitative Research Methods, Psychology of Women and Global Healthcare courses. Dr. Patricia Jameson is also the Director of the Aletheia Center for Healing and Empowerment, a holistic counseling center grounded in a spirituality of nurturance and compassion. Her specialty areas are parent/child relationships, healing from trauma, and personal empowerment. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Psychology from Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA, where she was awarded the Joseph P. Smith Award for Excellence and the Elizabeth Carroll Award in Theology. She obtained her Master and Doctorate Degrees in clinical psychology from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. She was listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges as a student and also in Who’ Who Among American Educators as a professor. Dr. Jameson is also a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as the Western PA Trainer/Consultant for The Nurturing Program, a nationally recognized child abuse prevention parenting program. Prior to teaching, she worked in the area of community mental health before focusing her clinical efforts upon the prevention and treatment of child abuse. She developed Nurturing Parent Programs and ongoing Parents Anonymous support groups in over 15 locations in Allegheny County working diligently with the justice system to implement programs for the reunification of families.    Additionally, over the past fifteen years, Dr. Jameson has been at work developing and implementing Empowerment Groups for women and men.  As an advocate for individual healthcare education and informed choice, Dr. Jameson trained in of a variety of alternative healing approaches including herbology, meditation and Reiki. Over her career, she has been a guest speaker on various local radio and television programs. Dr. Jameson has presented numerous trainings and seminars both locally and nationally on child abuse, family dynamics, interpersonal communication and relationship building. Dr. Jameson continues to conduct regular workshops and trainings at the Aletheia Center for Healing and Empowerment and is currently working on a book about Creating Empowering Communities.   

Research Interests

I am interested in the both the nurturance and maltreatment of people of all ages ranging from children to adults. I believe the way a person is treated and cared for and about significantly impacts them developmentally, showing up in their cognition, self awareness, identity, personal integrity, morals, values, etc. I have dedicated my life's work to learning how—and teaching others how—to create communities/families that heal and empowerment their members to reach their full potential.

Professional Interests: Existential phenomenology, developmental psychology, feminism/feminist theory, relational-cultural counseling, hypnotherapy, social justice, child abuse prevention & treatment, empowerment, group dynamics and community building, holistic health, and healing practices.