Stephanie Demalon is a native of Westmoreland County. She attended and graduated from Greensburg Central Catholic High School. Stephanie began her career in college admissions long before she graduated from college. As a student ambassador, she gave tours of her alma mater and hosted Overnight students. Once she completed her degree she began her professional career in the field of college admissions and has been working in higher education ever since. Her 23 years of admissions experience has provided her with numerous opportunities to travel and meet numerous families. She is passionate about helping others understand that an education yields a high rate of return over a lifetime. Stephanie’s favorite reward of her job is sustaining relationships with the students she is privileged to work with and bearing witness to their various successes. When she is not working with students and families regarding the admissions process, you will usually find her spending time with family and friends, volunteering her time in multiple capacities, fishing, tending to her house, and just relaxing. Stephanie likes to be a human “doing” as opposed to a human “being.”