"After teaching at both Carlow University and University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, I joined Carlow as the number of graduate programs began to increase significantly. As graduate admissions counselor and, later, associate director, Graduate Admissions, I am responsible for admissions to education, counseling/psychology and student affairs programs as well as the online program in instructional design & technology.

Whatever develops in our world of graduate admissions, I am never bored! Each individual inquiring about a program or applying for admission brings her/his own background, needs, personal and professional goals. I respond to each person accordingly and, consequently, develop relationships that result in satisfied Carlow graduate students.

Here’s what I do outside of work: Eat/sleep during the week, pay bills, read if I don’t fall asleep first and, on the weekends, care for my 96-year-old mother and keep in touch with my sister, three brothers and their assorted children. Pretty much every summer/fall, I travel to New England—primarily Boston and Cape Cod."