Carlow’s second degree in nursing program helps grad rise to next level

Ann Ritchie -

2019 Dave Dupra second degree nursing studentDave Dupra recently transitioned to the next stage of a career, with excellent potential to go even further in a medical profession. Carlow University’s Second Degree Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) program eased his progression from a paramedic to an emergency department nurse.

"The emergency department can become dynamic with people from all walks of life who are arriving there at their worst. No one wants to be there," Dupra said. "But I'm a compassionate person and get satisfaction from helping people. I try to take care of people the best I can."

Dupra's first bachelor’s degree was in emergency medicine, and he had been a paramedic for five years. Having an aunt and a sister as a nurse, Dupra felt the field was a good fit for him. He had been raised to value the importance of helping others.

A Carlow alum recommended he pursue the second degree through Carlow's program.

“Carlow's second degree bachelor’s program made it possible for me to become a nurse in 15 months. I could focus on getting my degree and moving up in my career,” Dupra said.

"Plus, Carlow has a reputation for one hundred percent pass-rate on the NCLEX nursing licensure exam. I thought, ‘Well, that is as good as it gets!’"

His medical background gave him an edge academically. “Other students in the program had a wide array of degrees, and most students had never cared for patients before. The program provided those experiences. By the end of the program, we had all got through it and were well prepared.”

His Carlow education also gave him an appreciation for evidence-based research in the medical field. He now sees himself progressing further in the field and is considering graduate studies in the future.

Dupra is now an emergency department nurse at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

He said his future is bright since he can now consider graduate school programs in nursing to further his potential earning power and career achievements in the future.

“When I was a paramedic, my supervisor encouraged me by saying a job in the emergency room would be waiting for me after I completed the degree. It all worked out. The Carlow degree helped me rise to the next level of my career,” Dupra said.

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