Upgraded Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning Opens

Drew Wilson -

Carlow University dedicated its new Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning

Lynn George, Suzanne Mellon and Dot Davis cut the ribbon
pictured left to right: Dean Lynn George, PhD, of the College of Health and Wellness, President of Carlow University Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD, Carlow Board of Trustees chair Dorothy Davis  

The dedication of the CSCIL the result of a nearly year-long renovation which will double the learning space, complement clinical experience, and build competency for more than 800 students.

"This new lab will help prepare our students to be key practitioners in the future," said Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD, president of Carlow University.  "It was designed by the people that will be using it."

College of Health and Wellness nursing faculty and students worked with architects to plan the space, which occupies the third and fourth floors of Curran Hall, located on the corner of Chesterfield Road and Fifth Avenue, on the Carlow campus. 

"The new facilities bring a sense of realism to the learning activities for our students and replicate what they will encounter in a clinical setting," said Lynn E. George, PhD, dean of the College of Health and Wellness at Carlow.  "Our students have the learning environment that they deserve." 

The lab uses mannequins equipped with technology to simulate actual patient interaction, real time patient responses to interventions, including changes in breathing patterns and heart sounds. Instructors in the control room can alter the mannequin's vital signs, as well as the patient's response to questions that might be asked during an examination.

One of the exciting developments about this lab is the opportunity to engage more than just nursing students in the simulations.  Inter Professional Education (IPE) is an educational strategy that has proven effective in team building within the healthcare setting, which has been linked to better quality of care.

"In addition to nursing, Carlow has students enrolled in our respiratory care program, our healthcare management program, and our healthcare data analytics program who will be able to benefit from experiencing these high fidelity simulations," said George.  "By including students interested in the administrative or management side of healthcare - who normally wouldn't be exposed to such realistic patient care scenarios - our students will be better able to understand the decision-making process during bedside care."

In addition, Carlow has received two grants - one from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and the other from The Fine Foundation - to enhance education around mental health and behavioral health at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. 

"The lab will provide a perfect platform to incorporate this content into simulated patient encounters," George said.

Most of all, the lab has generated excitement from Carlow's students who will be using it.

"It is a pleasure to see them excited about their new learning environment, said George.  "I think the message to our students is clear: Carlow is committed to their education and their future success."

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