A Coach for Classwork

Academic coaching is a unique and valuable resource available to Carlow students.

Carlow's Academic Coach, Daryl Ford

Sure, college is a step toward greater independence, but students need to know that they are not expected to tackle it all on their own.

Whether you need help writing a paper or completing a course assignment, Carlow's Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) provides many helpful resources that all students are encouraged to use.

Tutors cover a wide variety of areas from biology to statistics. An additional asset for Carlow students is the opportunity to work with an academic coach.

Daryl Ford, an academic coach at the CAA, is a fantastic resource for students who want to overcome a particular challenge or improve their overall performance. Academic coaches help to build up life skills that students will value well beyond their college years.

"While a tutor focuses more on the content, such as specific math skills, an academic coach focuses more on transferrable skills," Ford says.

Ford adds: "An academic coach works with students collaboratively to identify their strengths so that they can overcome any barriers they may be facing toward their academic achievement."

To get help, students just need to reach out to the CAA. For tutoring or coaching, students can make an appointment using the CAA online scheduling system.

The CAA is readily available to give everyone, from a freshman to an adult transfer to a grad student, the individualized support necessary to find success as they pursue a degree.

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