2018 Men's Soccer Schedule

Season record: 4-13 overall, 1-8 RSC, 2-3 USCAA

Bold = Home contest
* = RSC contest
+ = USCAA contest
All games EST unless noted.
All home games played at Highmark Stadium unless noted.
Home games live streamed at https://portal.stretchinternet.com/carlow/

Thurs.Aug. 237pmBethany (W.Va.) College (Scrimmage)  
Sat.Sept. 13pmPenn State University New Kensington+ (at Cupples Stadium)W 5-11-0/0-0/1-0
Tues.Sept. 47pmUniversity of Pittsburgh at JohnstownL 2-01-1/0-0/1-0
Sat.Sept. 82pmPenn State University Beaver+ (at New Brighton Area High School)W 2-02-1/0-0/2-0
Mon.Sept. 177pmUniversity of Pittsburgh at GreensburgW 2-1 2OT3-1/0-0/2-0
Thurs.Sept. 205pmCincinnati Christian University* (at Xavier University)L 5-33-2/0-1/2-0
Sat.Sept. 223:30pmBrescia (Ky.) University* (at Kamuf Park)L 5-03-3/0-2/2-0
Thurs.Sept. 278:30pm(RV) West Virginia University Institute of Technology*+L 6-03-4/0-3/2-0
Sat.Sept. 291pm(7) University of Rio Grande (Ohio)*L 16-03-5/0-4/2-0
Mon.Oct. 17pmWashington Adventist (Md.) University+L 6-0      3-6/0-4/2-1
Sat.Oct. 64pmOhio Christian University*L 4-03-7/0-5/2-1
Tues.Oct. 97pmUniversity of Cincinnati at Clermont+ (at West Clermont Middle School)L 3-2 (2OT)3-8/0-5/2-2
Thurs.Oct. 115pmPoint Park University* (at Highmark Stadium)L 7-13-9/0-6/2-2
Mon.Oct. 157:30pmWashington Adventist (Md.) University+L 6-13-10/0-6/2-3
Thurs.Oct. 187pmAsbury (Ky.) University*L 2-03-11/0-7/2-3
Sat.Oct. 206:30pmMidway (Ky.) University* (at Ambrose Urbanic Field, Petersen Sports Complex)W 1-04-11/1-7/2-3
Wed.   Oct. 246pmWestminster CollegeL 7-14-12/1-7/2-3
Sat.Oct. 273:30pmIndiana University East* (at Centerville High School)L 2-04-13/1-8/2-3